Ode to Water

Bending Water

Hydrogen, most abundant, formed in the Big Bang. Oxygen fused in stars.
Two hydrogen atoms covalently bound to a single oxygen atom.
Dihydrogen Monoxide
Unique amongst all chemicals in the Universe.
H’s are charged positive, while O is negative.
Hydrogen bonds.
H of one molecule is attracted to the O’s of a different molecule.
Dipolarity grants superpowers:
Super solvent with cohesive surface tension.
Ice floats.
Only substance to exist naturally on Earth as
solid, liquid and gas.

Earth is the sweet spot.
If it were any closer to the Sun, the water evaporates away.
Any farther and the water freezes.
If Earth were any smaller, water would escape the gravitational pull.
Any bigger and it might be a water world…
without points or beachbreaks.

Delivered by asteroids and comets,
Water fills Earth’s holes. Shaping terrain.
Cycling up down across round and round.
Absorbing heat. Driving the atmosphere.
Controlling the climate.
Impacting everything.

Although it can be horrifyingly dangerous,
Liquid water is essential for life…
as we know it.
Facilitating photosynthesis.
Dissolving nutrients and transporting them.
Flushing toxins, regulating body temperature.
Water supports the entire Biosphere.

We drink it. Irrigate, cook and clean with it. Travel and transport on it.
We passionately use it for recreation.
From skiing to hockey, water polo to sailing.
We’ve found innumerable ways to enjoy Water.

Wherever wind blows over liquid water, waves form.
Wherever waves break, people ride them.
Whenever people ride water waves, joy is acquired.

Glorious, blessed water!
How sweet and refreshing your taste!
How unique and vital your properties!
How fun and exhilarating your energy!


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