Ode to the Ocean


Giant playground. Massive graveyard.
Lore and mythology. Heroes and demons.
Kanaloa, Neptune, Poseidon and Amphitrite
Hydra, The Kraken and Jaws
It’s mystery inspires fear.
The immensity encourages exploration.
The Ocean.
Absorbs red light, leaving behind…
The Deep Blue Sea.

Salt washed from rocks, flows to the sea.
97% of Earth’s water is saltwater.
The Ocean covers 72% of Earth’s surface.
Influencing everything.
Shaping coastlines. Every wave, every tide change.
Eroding land. Moving sediments.
Climate engine.
The Ocean soaks up solar energy and transports it.
Driving the atmosphere.
The Ocean absorbs wind energy.
Fetch makes swell.
Swell makes waves.
The Ocean is the medium, the wind is the force.
Our joy is the result.

Incredible marine biodiversity.
From vibrant reefs to the strange depths.
Astounding creatures abound.
Beautiful, vital and endangered ecosystems.
Demanding our respect and care.
Our family tree goes back billions of years,
to ancestors surviving in the Sea.
Our branch of life left the Ocean. But we’re drawn back.
Deeply connected to the source.


Published by

Swell Lines Magazine

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