Never a Bad Time in the Ocean

Never a bad time in the Ocean…

The Maverick's Boneyard
The Maverick’s Boneyard

…unless you’re being washed into the boneyard rocks at 30ft Mavericks or stuck in an underwater cave at 15ft Pipeline or being recycled in the waist deep impact zone at 20ft Wedge or fistfighting a great white shark or taking a 10 wave set on the head at maxing Puerto Escondido or wearing a ditched board across the forehead or cartwheeling deep in the darkness of a Teahupoo bomb or getting hung up in the lip of a barrel on the face of the actual barrel at Shipstern Bluff or taking your 4th trip around the Bay at closed out Waimea or taking a 40ft set on the head at Jaws or lost in a whirlpool at 80ft Cortez Bank or knocked unconscious, underwater at your heavy local beachbreak.

Recycling Station
Recycling Station

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of bad times in the Ocean so leave a comment with anything we missed.


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