The Art of Logo Design

By Swell Lines Art Director, Skye Walker

Our original logo served us well for Volumes 1&2, but it was time for something new.
Our original logo served us well for Volumes 1&2, but it was time for something new.

Creating the original Swell Lines logo took some time. I came at it with a very literal sense of the name, corduroy rolling over the ocean, marching it’s way to the shores of our coast lines to give us the gift of riding waves. And after many revisions, the first logo was born… and it’s served it’s purpose. But it always didn’t feel 100% to me. So I said, let’s change it.

It needs to be circular. It needs to have a sense of the ocean, a horizon and of course a wave.

The team suggested adding a bodysurfer into the image. Would it work? Would it be too small? Would it be cliche? We’re a bodysurf magazine. So I re-worked it. Tweaked it. We reviewed it. Then bam…it hit the sweet spot. Circular, clean, simple.  It was complete.unnamed (2)

My love of bodysurfing and the ocean was a real inspiration for both the old and new design and I wanted this new logo to really project those feelings of admiration for, what some may call a sport, but what we call a lifestyle.

There were a few iterations of the new logo that, while they were close and did touch on the vibe we wanted, just weren’t quite there. But that is the design process. Design, review, fix, review, fix and hone it until it’s just right.

The new Swell Lines logo isn’t meant to re-invent graphic design, but it is meant to give you a fuzzy feeling about swimming out and getting some tubes at your favorite break… then come home and read a fun story from some passionate and crusty guys who start frothing whenever the ocean starts making some noise.

Our new logo.
Our new logo.


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