Marine Layer

May Gray and June Gloom
Hopefully not No-Sky July or Fogust

Spring in Southern California
Marine layer,Weak swell, Small waves
All-day onshore wind,Blown out dawn to dusk.
Surf can’t get much worse,
Swell Affective Disorder.

Gloom from Space. Image: NASA
Gloom from Space. Image: NASA

But we’re lucky.
Abundant Ocean diversions:
Flowers are blooming
Hiking trails are open
Winter rain brings a…

Rich, green landscape.
Wilderness beckons.

But waves are on the brain
Everything else is just that…
Everything else.
Waves come first.

And when they don’t break,
A type of melancholy
Not deep
But palpable.

When waves come back,
It is extra, extra special!
Water feels better,
Speed is faster,
Tubes are brighter…
and more exhilarating.

Waves will come again.
And when they do,
We’ll be there.
At dawn.
With big smiles,
Swimming hard
And enjoying it to the fullest.


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