2015 WBC: Teams and Clubs

Team spirit is a big part of the WBC. Everyone enjoys representing their beach and swimming hard for the honor of their friends, family and community. The most hotly contested divisions at the World Bodysurfing Championships aren’t the 25-34s or the 55-64s. For the past 6 years, it is the Team Trophy. Since its inception in 2010 the Team Trophy has only been won by the Pine Street Bodysurfing Team from Carlsbad. In 2015, the Del Mar Bodysurfing Association made a serious run at the crown by recruiting internationally and signing up all the free agents that Vince could bribe with hats and t-shirts. But in the end, Pine Street had the two Grand Champions (James Fenney and Makena Magro) and their 6th Team Trophy.  

Here is the story of some teams and clubs as told by their members:

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